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HerpesetHerpeset is a FDA approved natural product that is engineered to offer relief from genital and oral herpes (cold sores). Unlike other products, this medicine is sprayed under the tongue three times a day.

A look at the product’s credentials

Originally trademarked in the year 1996, Herpeset has featured on numerous popular publications such as CNN, USA Today, MSNBC and MSN. The company behind the product is registered with Food and Drug Administration. Since the product comes with reasonable credentials, let’s take an in-depth look at Herpeset review.

Official Website: www.Herpeset.com


The ingredients included have been carefully selected to offer significant relief from herpes. Several clinical tests have been conducted over the years to test the effectiveness of the ingredients included in Herpeset. Although the product offers gradual results, users are able to enjoy long lasting relief from the outbreak of herpes. Moreover, it’s a well documented fact that Herpeset does not include harmful chemical substances like other products.

Does Herpeset Work?Before& After picture

Herpeset is formulated from a safe blend of natural components. Comprehensive testing and research have gone into the creation of this unique product. Customer reviews and testimonials gathered from past users testify that the product does offer positive results over regular usage. Now, the question here is that, does Herpeset really works for genital herpes and oral herpes alike?

As mentioned earlier, Herpeset is a natural oral spray. It’s proven to work on genital herpes as well as oral herpes (cold sore) much faster than other pills and syrups sold in the market. The fact that the solution is sprayed inside the body, it penetrates quickly into the user’s bloodstream, thereby offering faster results.

Key ingredients used in the formulation include:

  • Rhus Tox: This ingredient reduces inflammation and itching associated with skin eruptions.
  • Capsicum: Extracted from peppers, capsicum is a pain killer and promotes healthy blood circulation. It naturally reduces the pain of herpes sores.
  • Apis Mellifica: This substance alleviates burning, swelling, pain, and stinging.
  • Nitric Acid: An ingredient that promotes healing of cracked and bleeding sores.
  • Baptisia: A flowering herbaceous perennial, the substance extracted from this plant reduces the number and size of ulcers that form around the mouth.
  • Pyrogenium: This substance promotes quick healing of abscesses and other sores

Positive things

One doesn’t require a prescription to purchase Herpeset, nor does one have to worry about drug interaction. Herpeset is found to be more effective than other products available in the market without the involvement of any side effects. There have been no reports of recurring herpes episodes either among majority of the users. The company also offers a money back guarantee proposal, which is a huge bonus in itself.

Negative things

Herpeset is not an ideal product for impatient individuals out there.  Best results are observed with nearly four to six months of treatment. The fact that the product works naturally on our body without causing any harm to our internal system, users are expected to be patient to experience safe and better results.

Where to buy Herpeset homeopathic herpes treatment safely online?

This homeopathic herpes treatment is rarely found over the counter or in stores. Users based in UK, Australia, India and other parts of the world can easily purchase the product online from the company’s official website, http://Herpeset.com

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